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Print is not dead!

27 May Print is not dead!

Print is Still Very Much Alive

Many people these days in Rochester, NY are absolutely bombarded by instant messages, tweets, and text messages, to say nothing of all the other digital information. By contrast, it can be like an oasis to turn off all the gadgets, relax, and sink into a printed magazine as a major shift of pace and space! You can see it at bookstores, which have a reading and refreshments area where customers buy a magazine and lounge with a contented expression on their faces.
With print it is possible to delve into topics at greater length and give readers something to hold onto–enabling re-reading and contemplation and discussion with like-minded friends. Despite all the hype, NO, print is not dead, far from it. In fact, for some who grew up mostly on digital media, it is almost a novelty, the happening new thing! When used wisely it can be a perfect complement to your other media efforts. It is a great medium to capture and hold attention, especially powerful for capturing special interest niches, and also for regional coverage, like Rochester, NY!
In our visually dominated society, cover and content design tends to make a strong first impression. Therefore work at knowing your audience so you can efficiently attract readers. To do this, design elements must have a solid connection with your field and publication, otherwise the design will likely just be ignored within a sea of visuals out there. The graphic elements you do eventually incorporate should help to create a compelling message for your readers, instigating further questions. And always keep in mind that visuals should add to words, not replace them! Strive to find an optimal golden mean between words and images, impacting both sides of the brain.
If within Rochester, NY you are creating more of a company or organization oriented magazine, don’t create a publication that just reads like another corporate brochure! Identify trends and challenges that are happening within your niche. Address the pressing needs, questions and interests of your readers. It can be very helpful to intermingle internally generated content with case studies and answered questions from your customers. Very often they are excellent sources for uncovering problem areas that need to be solved within your target industry. And for your internally generated material draw upon webinars, blogs, white papers, case studies, and customer press releases. You can republish the key aspects from these, but in an expanded form for the magazine.
There’s so much information in today’s world, but if you can establish thought leadership you can attract a loyal and eager following. Always keep in mind that your audience tends to be quite busy, and attention spans are not what they once were. So keep your content timely, highly relevant and properly focused. Design your magazine issues and articles to be of sufficient length to adequately cover several subjects pertinent to your readers, but brief enough to allow them to be read during the short blocks of time that open up in daily life. Finding the right balance with length increases the chances that the information will be absorbed, and possibly become a visible part of the social media.
And speaking of social media, via utilizing the content of the print articles, make the time to post questions and key points onto such venues as Twitter and Facebook. Doing so will help to increase the chances of discussions that create further exposure for your print media as well. Likewise with re-posting images from your print to Instagram and Pinterest. And don’t neglect the creation of online compliments to your print publication. Landing pages on your company’s website are valuable tools. Or in some cases you may even want to go the extra mile and create a dedicated website where your print content is available in digital form. But if you do this, always remember, NO, print is not dead. Utilize it as a valuable part of your overall Rochester, NY media efforts!

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